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Producer: The Montero family.

Farm: La Pastora 1800masl+

Region/Country: San Marcos, Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

Varietal: Catuai.

Process: Honey.

Tasting notes: Ripe Plum, Floral, Blackcurrant.

Our story: We First met Carlos and Lucia Montero back in 2017. After spending a few days at their micro-mill, ‘Don Eli’, it was clear to see that the Montero family are amazing people. Carlos’ approach to coffee production is an inspiration… having sold coffee to local co-operatives to be processed for many years Carlos decided that he would start processing his own coffee. Around 5 years ago Carlos invested in a de-pulping machine, drying beds and build the ‘Don Eli’ micromill. This change in coffee production strategy allows the Montero family to control the whole process of their coffee production whilst giving them the recognition that they deserve for their hard work and dedication. Carlos and his family now export their coffees over the world and are one the leading coffee producers of Costa Rica.