Farm to Cup

From there the green coffee enters our roasting process. We roast on a Giesen W1. The profiling process is a careful balance between developing the coffees enough to bring out the sugar browning flavors without masking the delicate floral and fruit notes a coffee may have. Rather than think about the roast level to describe our coffees, we categorize them on a scale of traditional to modern flavors. Traditional is sugar browning to dry distillation flavors - chocolates, nuts, wines, tobacco. Modern represents fruits, floral, and citrus flavors.

Before we roast, we analyze moisture content, barometric pressure, the age of the green coffee, origin, processing method, and then we roast 4-6 batches, taking each a degree or so hotter, pushing development, playing with charge temperature, to see which roast yields the best possible cup. Then we cup the different profiles at 2 days, and then again at 5, at 10, to learn how it ages, what pops up in the bowl that we don’t like, which flavors linger. Sometimes we nail it the first time, other times we roast batches and batches trying to get it right. We do this because we are serious about putting the best coffee out there. We are not interested in putting coffees out that we aren’t in love with. 

Finally, the coffee lands in our cafe: Green Garage. Every drink has been thought out and tasted with as much attention as the coffees themselves.

We curate our menus with our customers in mind. Our seasonal menu offers a standard array of coffee drinks - espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and brewed coffees. There’s a banana milkshake on our menu because no one is born just naturally loving black coffee, and, let’s be honest, it’s delicious.

We Are Brew Coffee Lab

Our seasonal menu rounds out our café offerings and details our single origin coffees that we serve in manual brew methods as well as a selection of fun, culinary-inspired drinks. The purpose of this menu is to get customers to think about all the things that coffee can be. 

The best business practice that Brew Coffee Lab has and strives to continue is to be an owner-driven business. The difference between an owner run café, restaurant, retail shop, and so on is almost always evident in customer service, quality of product and atmosphere. It’s no easy task to translate the passion for coffee into a well-run business. We think it’s a carefully constructed balance of demand for excellence, passion, heart, and recognizing when we need someone to step into a leadership role.