Kyoto Oolong 2017 (30g)

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Region: Kyoto, Japan
Producer: Nakai Family Gardens
Season: Nibancha (Summer) 2017
Batch: (Organic) 50kg
This is a super interesting and incredibly rare oolong from Japan. Inviting apricot notes, a vibrant fruity acidity, smooth texture, and biscuity base notes.

Japan is a country of immaculate tea gardens and sublime green teas. Generations of experience has gone into cultivating some of the most perfect green teas on earth.

It’s very unusual to find am oolong from Japan. As experts in bringing you exciting new teas, BREW is pleased to bring you this special oolong.

The Kyoto Oolong comes from the Nakai family’s garden in Kyoto. They’re pioneers of organic farming in Japan and have been growing tea for 7 generations.

The leaves are initially sun-withered, followed by oxidation, firing, and a long overnight roll. The leaves are a little rustic (Japan is not used to making oolongs) but the flavour is well worth it.

On the palate, it’s very complex. This is a sweet oolong. There’s a lively fruity acidity and apricot character. This combines with a creamy, syrupy texture and a toasty biscuity character. All together, it’s reminiscent of an apricot cheesecake.