Assam Malt Black Tea, 2nd flush 2017 (100g)

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Region: Assam
Producer: Belseri Estate
Season: 2nd Flush 2017
Batch: MB400
This tea is a treat for anyone who loves classic, full-bodied black teas. Rich, rounded, malty and full flavoured.
The Assam in our collection comes from the Belseri Estate in the Dhekiajuli Belt, Assam. The garden is organic and the owners, Ketan Patel and family, have a very sustainable approach to agriculture.

The finest Assam teas are picked in the 2nd Flush. That’s the June season. It’s when the desirable malty notes are at their best.

The tea is rich, full bodied and malty. This is the tea to drink if you enjoy strong black teas in the morning. A tea like this is also a classic match for cake and other patisserie.