We strive for measurable environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability in everything we do. We value continuous improvement, pushed through supply chain partnerships that are built on communication and transparency. Acting responsibly and working collaboratively, we can make coffee a force for good in the world.

Sustainability Programs

Our definition of sustainable coffee starts at the farm and ends with drinking brewed coffee. We believe that for coffee to be sustainable, all of the practices along the supply chain should be taken into account. That is why we strive for measurable environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability in everything we do.

At Origin

Internal Programs

Local Communities

We build partnerships

Direct communication and transparency help us to build long-term partnerships in the supply chain. Those partnerships allow us to work with coffee farmers and farmer groups on projects to improve quality, encourage sustainable agricultural practices, and address social issues.

We create shared value

We strive to create initiatives that benefit both us and our supply chain partners. We've learned that relationship-building and good communication are the keys to identifying these initiatives.

We visit

In-person visits are a great way to build strong partnerships with farmers, co-ops, washing stations, mills, and exporters. We visit almost all of the places we buy coffee from every two years and keep in constant contact via phone and email.

We pay

The cost of investments in quality and sustainability should not be borne by farmers alone. We recognize improvements in these areas by paying higher prices for coffees and working with transparent supply chain partners to ensure that those payments are distributed equitably.

We share information

Sharing information is one of the core elements of transparency. We share information to show evidence of continuous improvement, to hold ourselves accountable for buying increasingly sustainable coffee, and as a way for consumers to make more informed decisions.

Tea Collection


Coffee & Tea for Social Impact

Our “5:25” business model is simple: we unleash craft creativity and the fruits of artisanal labor to donate 5% of the turnover or 25% of the profit from every sale– whichever number is greater. Through our community’s support, we want to raise money to fund social projects dedicated to empowering at-risk youth around the world.

By selling Direct Trade Coffee & Tea, Brew Impact connects people to the reality that entrepreneurship for Social Impact is something achievable right now.

Who do we support?

Through our sales, we mainly finance social projects that use football as a tool to empower disadvantaged kids and youth anywhere in the world. Some retailers have personal attachments to a specific project and therefore prefer that our collaboration supports their chosen cause, not necessarily related to football.

Green Garage

Nature inspires us. Its details. Its immensity. It remind us of the precise tempo of things. From a coffee bean springs a huge coffee plantation. From a cutting, a beautiful plant. Thanks to its intuition. The same that inspires craft. We believe in the simpleness of lines, in the expression of colours. In their capacity to create a new world. A place where things are done with care. With passion. With respect. Where we can always share a cup of coffee or tea at its best, with the ones we want, or with ourselves. Talking. Listening. Reading. Thinking. Feeling alive. We do it here.

At The Green Garage. Where plants meet craft. 
Plant Concept Store & Specialty Drinks

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